7 Questions to Ask When Choosing an Assisted Living Service

The decision to move into an assisted living facility can be quite tough. The number of options can overwhelm you unless you have some knowledge about the domain. It is important to ask the right questions, given that finding the most appropriate service for your dear ones can have a profound effect on their quality of life. These are 7 questions that you have to ask while choosing an assisted living service providing facility.

  1. Which types of payments does your facility accept?

Find out whether private pay, long-term care, Medicaid waivers etc are accepted at the center. Know whether the form of payment that you desire is accepted by the facility. Most facilities prefer long-term care insurance or private pay, but can accept other sources of payment as well. Know whether the service provider has an “all-inclusive” rate or charges for “levels of care”.

  • Can I get a 24/7 nurse?

Not every Assisted Living Facility needs to have a 24-hour nurse on staff. However, it can be highly beneficial for the level of care received by your dear one. If your dear one needs medication, it might be administered by a nurse whereas that may not be given by a Certified Nursing Assistant.

  • Do you give continued care?

Few Assisted Living facilities give extended continued care. In case of such a center that does not offer extended continued care, you would need to look for some other facility in the event your dear one requires a superior care level. Rather, try to sign up with a service provider that gives “Extended Congregate Care”, so that your loved one can stay on even when his / her requirements change.

  • What if I require a superior level of care?

In case the Assisted Living Facility (ALF) that you are considering in unable to extend continued care, ensure that the center can help you to get an appropriate ALF with skilled people. At some point, your loved ones’ requirements might exceed. With a more skilled facility, he / she can get additional support.

  • Do you offer transportation to physician’s chamber at an additional cost?

Find out whether the facility offers transportation to a doctor’s clinic, and whether it charges anything extra for that. Regular visits to doctor’s clinics are essential for the prevention and cure of diseases, and reduce hospitalization risks. If your dear one is unable to drive, it can be highly beneficial to have an in-house transportation service in the Assisted Living Facility.

  • What is your staffing ratio and staff turnover rate?

If the assisted living service has a high rate of staff turnover, your dear one is likely to change caregivers often. This can lead to stress needlessly for your loved one, as well as for you. Ask about the resident – staff ratio as well.

  • Do you allow pets?

Your loved one might not like to live without his / her pet. Find out whether the facility allows pets, and whether it is a part of the agreement or offered at an additional fee.